What’s the Point of Savasana?

At the end of every class you will be invited to take a short nap.  Is that what it's for?  To have a snooze?  Great!  We don't get that at the gym... not officially anyway.  While savasana is not an active pose for your muscles it has several important functions. Savasana, which translates as corpse … Continue reading What’s the Point of Savasana?


Aromatherapy Yumminess

During this term my class have been experimenting with essential oils to enhance our practise.  Aromatherapy has blossomed over recent decades as more and more research has become widely available.  It is now a widely accepted holistic approach to healing and mood enhancement. Oils have been used for over 6000 years but it was French … Continue reading Aromatherapy Yumminess