I need to ask you something…

Happy to help.  See if any of the below answers your questions.  If not email me at hello@theshantished.com or message me on Facebook.

What should I bring to class?

In short you can bring as much or as little equipment as you like.  The basics are a mat and a warm jumper or blanket.  It is recommended at some point you should buy a block.

I have never done yoga before, am I welcome?

Of course, you are practically encouraged.  Unless otherwise stated all classes are open level and suited for all.  In each class you get the options in the poses to suit you.  Yoga is not a competition (in fact it’s a BIG deal that it’s not a competition!) so there is absolutely no pressure to be super bendy.

What should I wear?

Stretchy bottoms are best, as it a top that won’t ride up and show your tummy during inversions.  Yoga is always done barefoot so no need for any trainers.  Socks are useful for savasana to keep your toesies toastie.

Do people come with friends or on their own?

Yoga is an individual practise so you may come with friends but you will not have time to chat to them.  Mostly people come by themselves.  You will find we are a very friendly group and love having new people join.

Where can I find the class Terms and Conditions?

They are found by clicking Terms and Conditions v.2.1

Is yoga with The Shanti Shed religious?

Absolutely not.  The only religion I subscribe to is that of being a nice person to all.

What happens during a Reiki session?

You will be in a laying or reclining position and put into a deeply relaxed state.  I will then work my way around the body either hands on or off, your preference, placing hands at key points on the body to realign energy flow and essentially ‘push’ reiki into your body.  The whole process is very peaceful but energising.

Do you run workshops?

Yes, please check on the classes page for any upcoming dates.

What happens at a yoga party?

P. A. R. T. Why?  Because I said so!  Here’s the thing… whatever you like.  Usually a fun yoga session followed by party games.  If you have any suggestions I am more than willing to accommodate.

Do you run corporate sessions?

Please contact me with details of your requirements.

Do you run retreats?

I hope to in the future, but no plans at present.