Feel GREAT This Festive Season

December begins with only a sprinkling of snow but, are your fingertips feeling icier than the end of a Polar Bear's nose? Hygge Yoga may have just the tonic to light your fire this winter. Thank you all who came to the taster session and attended last Thursday! Hygge and yoga are two philosophies that complement each other … Continue reading Feel GREAT This Festive Season


Water, Microclusters and Hydration. Really? No.

The rise in ‘health’ products extolling their ‘benefits’ has boomed over recent years, with the proliferation of social media, the general panic over cancer and yoga making its way to the mainstream west.  So I am no stranger to being bombarded with being told what I apparently should and should not be ingesting.  I’ve got … Continue reading Water, Microclusters and Hydration. Really? No.