Feel GREAT This Festive Season

December begins with only a sprinkling of snow but, are your fingertips feeling icier than the end of a Polar Bear’s nose? Hygge Yoga may have just the tonic to light your fire this winter.

Thank you all who came to the taster session and attended last Thursday! Hygge and yoga are two philosophies that complement each other and the aim of the sessions are to take the best elements from each for a restorative experience.

Hygge (hoo-gah) has sifted to the surface in recent times but its been around for hundreds of years. A practice that’s not a lifestyle brand, religion or something that can be tied to one way of living. The Scandinavians just happened to name feelings associated with sitting around a fire, having dinner with friends or reading a book on a rainy day.

Yoga on the other hand works on a physical level. Similar to Hygge it also functions on mental, emotional and spiritual planes, facilitating stress relief, boosted energy levels, confidence and aiding with feeling younger for longer. It spans back 4,000 years and during this long development has branched into different schools. Both practices have been kindly shared with societies far and wide.

As we continue to take it easy in these cooler months, I hope you can continue to enjoy some winter warming classes accompanied with tea, hot chocolate and all things festive and Hyggelig (including the odd mince pie)!

In case you needed any more reasons to keep mildly active this season, take a look at some of the miracles of winter yoga, including boosting the body’s immunity responses. Hope to see you all next week  so we can build on what we’ve done so far. ❄🔥☕💙


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