Yoga in The Dark

Hi all, I thought I may as well write a bit of a blog about this.  The RNIB has begun an initiative called Yoga in The Dark to help raise funds for those who suffer from partial or full sight loss, asking for yoga classes in the dark or blindfolded in return for donations.  It’s a charity and they have used Facebook to target yoga teachers with advertising for their idea.  I saw the advert and I jumped at the chance, what a great idea.  I’ve been to Dans le Noir in Clerkenwell a few times and was always interested in the stories of their waiting staff.  To those who haven’t had the opportunity just yet, Dans le Noir is a restaurant where you eat in the pitch black, so you have to find your food and also guess what it is.  The servers are all blind and very happy to share their experiences of sight loss.  Some might say it’s exploitation for a bit of fun, but this restaurant employs people that might otherwise be unemployed, and they are absolutely amazing at their job.  If you’re ever in London and at a loss, please go.  There’s also a fabulous cocktail bar upstairs. 😉

So I thought I would run a class and set the wheels in motion.  I was then very sad to see some others either use the idea and try to pass it off as their own by giving it a new name, or worse actually try and use it to make profit.  That’s the least yogic thing I can think of and it made me sad.  Charity is for the benefit of others, after all.  So it made me wonder, are there yoga teachers out there still in the dark about what yoga is all about?  It’s not my place to say, but it bothered me more than it should.

According to the RNIB – Over two million people in the UK live with sight loss. That’s around 1 person in 30. Of these, around 360,000 people are registered with their local authority as blind or partially sighted. It is predicted that by 2020 the number of people with sight loss will rise to over 2,250,000.

That’s a lot of people and no doubt it will affect all of us in some way or another.  So let’s join together, now, to help raise awareness and raising funds to support those that are dealing with such huge, terrible changes.

So anyway, that aside here is the good news!  On 11th November, come down to the Village Hall at 19:30 for a one hour charity class, of easy vinyasa and breathwork.  You will be in the dark and receive a blindfold to prevent cheating!  Yes it will be a bit of fun, but also for a very good cause.  It will be a FREE class, all I ask is that you make a small donation to the RNIB on the day and spend a few moments of your practise reflecting on sight loss.  Please register by signing up at the top if this page and sending me a message.

See you on your mats!  Namaste xx


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