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So I have been updating this website this week, polishing, honing and amending.  I hope it looks good? I have an active Facebook page which I update pretty much daily, you can find it through the link at the top there.  I have to say that I have a love-hate relationship with social media.  It’s done some great things like connecting communities and helping people locate friends and family but as a school teacher I now see a generation of children that have limited ability to communicate face to face and can’t cope without their phones for a day.  I actually am not exaggerating, I wish I was.  And it makes me sad.  So I try to stay away where possible and I hope that the habit of abstinence will rub off on my boys.

That aside, after a marketing recommendation that I ‘get out there’ to attract new clients, I thought I should check out other people’s pages (after bedtime of course).  As teachers we are taught, and teach in turn, that there is no competition in the yoga world, and that does extend to business.  Wow.  Just wow.  I opened an Instagram account and dared to type #yoga.  Everything from buttocks to balancing on beach balls and a LOT of dancer poses in precarious positions.  It just left me wondering if these people even knew what yoga is?  Why?  Why take so many pictures of oneself?  What is this for? The whole point of yoga is about the self, it’s a personal practise.  Yes you can make it fun with beer and dogs and everything else, but if you aren’t concentrating on your own body and breath, it’s not yoga.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of lovely genuine pics of classes and happy groups, but so many clearly taken to say ‘look at me, I’m doing yoga, look at my body!’ like a fashion statement.  So I posted a new profile pic, and still too shy to post anything of me in my yoga gear post-babies (the one above is pre-babies. *sigh.) I put a couple pics of the boys up.  Almost instantly people I had never heard of from all over the globe were liking and befriending me.  It felt like some sort of validation.  Now I am a level-headed person and I can see how this could get addictive.  It’s been reported that getting a social media ‘like’ releases dopamine, and the addiction causes similar effects to cocaine.  So it got me thinking… maybe these people are genuine.  Maybe they turned to social media for the same reason they turned to yoga, they’re all suffering from modern life and need to heal.  To be honest, feeding the beast won’t help you escape.

I don’t know what the answer is.  I trust that these people are good people with good intentions, and have just succumbed to social media vampirism temporarily, but it’s not for me.  Yes, you may see the odd pic of me for marketing purposes or just for me to learn how to get better, but if I start posting constantly and checking for likes, someone please point it out and take me out for wine.

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