How I Fell In and Out and In of Love with Yoga – Part 2

So.  There I was.  Red faced and sulking when I decided that I really needed this in my life.  A bit like when you have a hormonal argument with a mate and you have to go apologise for being a twit.  So rather sheepishly after a loooong break I booked myself back in for my exam, and I had a whole world of other stuff  going on at the time, so I could really have done without the extra practise practise practise until I was sore.  Sometimes, a wise person once said, you just need to get on with it.  I passed.  Yessssssss.  What now?  Absolutely anything is what!  I got online and looked up suitable venues, researched about and decided on my brand and style of teaching and got myself started as the Shanti Shed.  Why that name?  Well, my house is overlooked by some big old aircraft hangars known affectionately locally as ‘the sheds’ and Shanti just seemed to flow.  So now I get the odd wind of inspiration and update, change and tap away furiously, sometimes I take time off to concentrate on my practise.  And I will admit, I am not as yogic as I could be but I am only human after all and we all have our faults.  There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo in the yoga world and seems to be getting worse as companies have identified it as a growing market and seem avidly trying to sell us more and more stuff we don’t need, but that’s for another time.

Namaste x

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